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SDR Technologies avail itself of a team of professionals who can attend in troubleshooting most common failure in all data storage media and systems with a high probability to recover data, which, in the absence of professional supervision and of the equipment of appropriate technology, would eventually be called to their deletion. Recovery times and, therefore, the response of our data recovery services to the needs of our customers, are very fast and the service is available 24 hours a day(7 / 7).

The leanness of our standard procedures allows us to offer the best service at an affordable price. Indeed, in a short time, professionally and at zero cost, our professionals dissolve any doubts on the actual recoverability of your data.
After the diagnosis, the customer will decide if and how much to spend, and we will proceed to the recovery, total or partial, or possibly the return without any costs of recovering the contents of the storage medium.

SDR can offer its customers who were interested a unlimited service on a contract basis, which reduces the risk of any company or studio to avoid unpleasant surprises and big expenses for recovery. Imagine the convenience and savings that could result from having your data recovery lab ready to intervene when necessary in all media of their company without worrying about what might cost an individual intervention. Commending SDR Technologies to your storage media, will forget every nightmare of loss of your files and loss of work already done and see the difference that sets us apart.

Offerta speciale pendrive, penna usb, sd card, memorie digitali

When can we help you?
- The hard drive is inaccessible and emits strange sounds
The hard disk has been accidentally formatted
- Support has suffered natural disasters (fires, floods, etc.).
- Files are unreadable
- The files are missing or were accidentally deleted

What we recover data from?
- Hard Disks
- RAID Systems
- Cards, USB devices, Zip, DVD, and similar
- Single corrupted Files

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